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Quebec mosque mass murderers: Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir

Quebec mosque mass murderers: Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir

One of the two suspects in Quebec mosque shooting is “of Moroccan origin”

One of the two suspects in Quebec mosque shooting is “of Moroccan origin”

Fake news: Daily Beast falls for Quebec mosque attack hoax, blames ‘white supremacists’

Fake news: Daily Beast falls for Quebec mosque attack hoax, blames ‘white supremacists’

The media is comprised mainly of traitors, communist and muslim, terrorist supporters...

Robert Spencer: President Trump Moves to Protect U.S., Media in Uproar

Fire all those who do dissent...

Dissent memo circulating in the State Department over Trump’s policy on refugees and immigrants


Video: Robert Spencer on Muslim immigration’s effect on Christmas in the West

Then send the 20 cadavers back...

20 “vetted” Muslim refugees who turned to jihad terrorism after being allowed into the U.S.

Send his cadaver back to his country...

New York City: ISIS recruiter convicted for sending Muslim college student to wage jihad in the Islamic State

Deport or exile all those who disagree...

Jihad Watch – Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts

Dubai’s Head of Security: “We completely support Trump in ban on entry to those who may cause breach in America’s security”

Dubai’s Head of Security: “We completely support Trump in ban on entry to those who may cause breach in America’s security”

Simple, just exile those who are enraged, so they can live happy ever after in an islamic state...

Robert Spencer: Trump Protects U.S., World Gets Enraged

Hey dumb 'A's liberal, so you are a muslim? So you believe in yourself being murdered for being an infidel?

Hugh Fitzgerald: “I’m a Muslim — Ask Me Anything,” Answers 1-6

The UK has submitted to the will of Allah instead of God...

UK: No more weekend Changing of the Guard ceremonies due to fears of jihad attacks

Issue 59 - Desiderata for the Cuban Nation

the AZEL


Commentary on Cuba's Future, U.S. Foreign Policy & Individual Freedoms - Issue 59

Desiderata for the Cuban Nation

Desiderata- or things desired- is an inspiring 1927 prose poem by American writer Max Ehrmann.  The poem has a long history in the realm of political activism. As a young man, I remember it as a poster in my bachelor apartment in the 1970s.
At this stage in the contemplation of Cuba’s political future, in light of the new U.S.-Cuba policy, it may be enlightening for all sides to outline their Desiderata for the Cuban nation. Here is mine:

Learn to cherish and safeguard your individual birthrights of life, liberty and property.

Secure the right to freely elect, in a competitive democratic environment, those that would lead the nation.

Pursue the learnings of freedom, and the wisdom to select your leaders wisely.

Comport yourselves as the sovereign citizens that you are. Insist that all government functionaries follow your laws with honesty and transparency.

Recover the spiritual values, the dignity and the civility necessary for a virtuous life.

Employ that virtue to build incorruptible democratic institutions to protect your freedoms.

Delight, as law abiding citizens, in the protections of the rule of law which is the legal foundation for liberty.

Aspire to enjoy the prosperity obtainable by contributing your talents in a free market economy.

Witness your homeland join the family of democratic and prosperous nations.

Proudly build a future in liberty, and of liberty, for your children and their children.

Remember, “You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars;”

You have a right to be free.

My Desiderata is an effort to restore the Cuban struggle to its core principles. A restoration that is necessary because it appears that the consciousness of the principles of liberty has been lost in the dubious fancy of some.

This is an illusion that holds that freedom in Cuba is best attained by not talking about freedom. It is a fancy that operates under a defective theoretical principle that political and economic engagement with a totalitarian regime helps to bring about the regime’s demise. It is a fancy derived from political preferences, or personal idiosyncrasies and not from relevant theoretical or experiential foundations.  It is a fancy that fails to consider the destructive consequences of translating its values of conformity and correspondence with authoritarianism into political practice.

Max Weber, the German polymath whose ideas profoundly influenced social theory, coined the term “ethics of intention” to describe the notion that morally, if an undertaking has the right intention, its consequences do not matter.

Under “ethics of intention,” actions should not be judged according to their consequences, but only according to the hoped for results. It is a thesis that claims that good intentions contain their own justification independent of the consequences.  Ethics of intention -the offered intention is to help the Cuban people- seems to be the prevailing flawed ethics for the fancy that embracing the oppressors helps the oppressed.
But as the old proverb makes clear, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” The ethics we should all embrace are the “ethics of responsibility.”   That is, understanding and owning that, embracing oppression will have unsuspected and undesirable consequences for the oppressed.

But as the old proverb makes clear, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” The ethics we should all embrace are the “ethics of responsibility.”   That is, understanding and owning that, embracing oppression will have unsuspected and undesirable consequences for the oppressed.

Advocating for freedom, as in my Desiderata for the Cuban nation, is inherently moral.  Standing with oppressors, notwithstanding good intentions, is not intrinsically good. What then, are the “things desired” when embracing oppressors?

Please let us know if you Like Issue 59 - Desiderata for the Cuban Nation on Facebook this article.
This article was originally published in English in the PanAm Post and in Spanish in El Nuevo Herald.
José Azel, Ph.D.
José Azel left Cuba in 1961 as a 13 year-old political exile in what has been dubbed Operation Pedro Pan - the largest unaccompanied child refugee movement in the history of the Western Hemisphere.  

He is currently dedicated to the in-depth analyses of Cuba's economic, social and political state, with a keen interest in post-Castro-Cuba strategies as a Senior Scholar at the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS) at the University of Miami and has published extensively on Cuba related topics.

In 2012 and 2015, Dr. Azel testified in the U.S. Congress on U.S.-Cuba Policy, and U.S. National Security.  He is a frequent speaker and commentator on these and related topics on local, national and international media.  He holds undergraduate and masters degrees in business administration and a Ph.D. in International Affairs from the University of Miami. 

Dr. Azel is author of Mañana in Cuba: The Legacy of Castroism and Transitional Challenges for Cuba, published in March 2010 and of Pedazos y Vacios, a collection of poems he wrote as a young exile in the 1960's.

José along with his wife Lily are avid skiers and adventure travelers.  In recent years they have climbed Grand Teton in Wyoming, trekked Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Machu Pichu in Peru.  They have also hiked in Tibet and in the Himalayas to Mt. Everest Base Camp.

They cycled St. James Way (
El Camino de Santiago de Compostela) and cycled alongside the Danube from Germany to Hungary. They have scuba dived in the Bay Islands off the Honduran coast. 

Their adventurers are normally dedicated to raise funds for causes that are dear to them. 
Watch Joe & Lily summit Kilimanjaro.

Books by Dr. José Azel
Mañana in Cuba is a comprehensive analysis of contemporary Cuba with an incisive perspective of the Cuban frame of mind and its relevancy for Cuba's future.
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President Trumps 1st week - Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - 28 J...

Tucker Carlson Tonight -- January 30

Hannity 1-30-17 | January 30, 2017

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Monday, January 30, 2017

This witch desperately needs psychiatric help...

Merkel tells Trump that global fight against terrorism no excuse for banning Muslim migrants

Don't forget to include the communist also...

Priebus says more countries could be added to the immigration ban

Israel is our true ally, not islam...

Netanyahu: “President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel’s southern border….Great idea.”

Those who will not assimilate into our society should not be here period...

Video: Robert Spencer on Hamas-linked CAIR’s Hussam Ayloush Longing for Infidel Deaths

Now the terrorist attack has moved over there, with the recent attack in Quebec, and you can thank Trudeau for that and those who voted for him...

Canada’s Trudeau on Trump’s immigration ban: “Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada”

Which includes muslims and communist...

Conway explains that immigration ban targets not Muslims, but countries with history of harboring terrorists

Thank you Trump, we need to stand with him in the total annihilation against terrorism...

Trump: “This is not about religion — this is about terror and keeping our country safe”

Boycott the catholic church, they are siding with the antichrist...

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops denounces Trump’s plan to favor refugees from persecuted religious minorities

Well the people who voted for the bailarina, muslim supporter, were asking for it, there you go...

Canada: Gunmen screaming “Allahu akbar” open fire in mosque, murdering multiple people

Fox & Friends Weekend 1/29/17 | Fox News | January 29, 2017

LIVE �� FOX NEWS Judge Jeanine Pirro ��January 29, 2017 Tucker Carlson, Ha...

LIVE �� FOX NEWS Hannity, Lou Dobbs January 29, 2017 This weeks news

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Finally a president with common sense...

Trump says Syrian Christian refugees will be given priority

Robert Spencer at Reddit — “Ask Me Anything”

Robert Spencer at Reddit — “Ask Me Anything”

Don't deport him, execute him...

Convicted al-Qaeda terrorist and George Washington U prof moves up from jihad and academia to coke and hookers


Honor killing in Trinidad: Teen Muslima murdered for being seen with non-Muslim man

Ban and deport all members of the Muslim Brotherhood...

Hamas-linked CAIR smears Ted Cruz in frantic efforts to block Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Bill

Edinburgh wants Scotland to vote for suicide...

Edinburgh, Scotland wants citizens to vote for a city free of “Islamophobia”

Their bailarina president is ruining the country...

Canada moving toward criminalizing “Islamophobia”

The Professor desperately needs psychiatric care...

Virginia Church Hosts Lecture on “Islamophobia,” Professor Claims It’s Driven By “Imperialism”

And The New York Times is a supportive media for the far left...

New York Times claims that “far-right media” is stoking “anxiety about Muslim refugees”

Hey Hassan, now you want to be the champion of human rights, are you really serious? With a national policy (sharia), which condemns people to death for opposing your hellish precepts... Go to hell...

Iran’s President, Berlin’s Mayor liken Trump’s Mexican border wall to Berlin Wall

Yeah, right! Like if sane people would rather go to that hell hole...

Cancel your vacation plans: Iran bans US citizens, says US ban is “obvious insult to the Islamic world”

Total wipeout of this islamic latrine filth...

Trump orders “a comprehensive strategy and plans for the defeat of ISIS”

Fire the damn islamic loving fake judge...

Federal judge blocks Trump immigration order for those detained at airports

Cuba: 2016 documented deaths and disappearances

Mail from CubaArchive.org

Ver versión en español abajo.
A sad tally: 2016 documented deaths 

Cuba Archive documented 21 cases of death or disappearance in 2016 attributed to the Cuban political process, however, many more cases were reported for which sufficient information was unavailable and many more cases are expected in prisons but could not be added to the database.
Two prisoners died who were deprived of their freedom for “pre-criminal dangerousness,” an aberration in Cuba’s Penal Code that criminalizes the propensity to commit an offense against the social order, as subjectively determined by state authorities. Both succumbed to reported health ailments without timely or adequate medical care.
  • 44 year-old Alexis Vázquez García, died November 21, 2016 at the Combinado del Sur prison of Matanzas of what prison authorities reported was a massive heart attack.  The family insisted on inspecting the body and filming it. Because it had considerable bruises to the arms, back, and legs (see http://linkis.com/www.americateve.com/Y6Jdc), they claim he was assassinated. The film also shows the body was autopsied. Autopsies are performed customarily in Cuba, with organ removal. Cuba Archive has reported on allegations of organ trafficking and of several reported cases of suspicious deaths and improper handling of bodies. See http://www.cubaarchive.org/files/Cases_of_Missing_body_parts.pdf
  • Michel Perez Santoya died September 23, 2016 at a hospital in Ciego de Avila.  He was imprisoned for unemployment. A month earlier, prison guards had beat him so severely that he had to be transferred to a hospital and kept in intensive care for many days. Upon returning to prison, a process was initiated to increase his sentence five more years. In protest, he injected his legs with excrement, urine, and sugary water. His family was not allowed to see him, he was not given any medical attention, and was transferred to a hospital only when he was near death.
In November 2016, Cuba Archive highlighted the death ­­of two dissidents. Independent journalist and former political prisoner, Jorge Alberto Liriado Linares, age 67, died November 142016 in Camaguey from medical neglect and political persecution that deliberately aggravated a heart condition. Human rights activist Arcelio, “Chely,” Molina Leyva, age 53, died November 15, 2016 in Havana, impaled on a pointed fence after allegedly falling from the roof of his house during the early morning hours.

49 Cuban migrants attempting to reach the United States died or disappeared in perilous journeys by sea or through South and Central America. Cuba Archive could only document 14 whose names were known. Nine rafters died in March, fifteen in July, and twenty in September (only 5 bodies were recovered near the Florida Keys in an extensive search by the U.S. Coast Guard). Rolando Mojena, age 20, was among the victims.

Dunieski Lastre Sedeño, age 25, and Edelvis Martínez Aguilar, were murdered while crossing through the Colombian jungle attempting to reach the U.S. With another Cuban, they had paid Colombian coyotes US$1,500 to guide them to the Panamanian border. Upon reaching a swamp, the coyotes demanded more money, which  the migrants didn't have, so they raped, stabbed, and sliced Edelvis’ neck. They also stabbed both men, killing Dunieski, but one survived and provided testimony that led to the arrest of the perpetrators by Colombian authorities.
Carmen Navarro Olazabal, age 49, died August 20, 2016 as she attempted to reach the United States by crossing South and Central America. She developed a pulmonary edema and kidney failure as a result of foot blisters, a severe fall, asthma, and exhaustion during a 13-day crossing of the jungle between Colombia and Panama. A pianist and chemist, she was part of a group of Cubans that left Colombia after being threatened for deportation.
Rubén Ramírez Caso, age 53, died in Panama of the flu caused by the AH1N1 virus while attempting to cross Central America to reach the United States.
Four doctors died while serving as part of an “internationalist mission”--Drs. Barbara Cruz Ruiz, age 45, Leonardo Ortiz Estrada, age 53, and Erick Omar Pérez, age 41, perished April 17, 2016 in Ecuador in a powerful earthquake. Two months later, Dr. Yanelis Fernández, age 28, who had been severely injured in the earthquake, died at a Quito hospital from heart failure. Cuban health professionals on these assignments serve under bilateral agreements of the Cuban government in conditions akin to modern slavery. Revenues generated by these export services constitute the main source of revenues for Cuba, officially reported at over $8 billion annually.  
Another Cuban "internationalist" Freddy Bartolo Nápoles, a 54 year-old physical therapist, was murdered October 10, 2016 by two criminals in Venezuela reportedly then killed by police.
In 2016, independent labor activists reported the death of two workers, name unknown, who were electrocuted in Havana. They had not been provided protective gear; workplace accidents are common and the victims have no recourse.

Documented deaths and disappearances attributed to the Raúl Castro regime: 7/31/2006 and until 12/31/2016
Since Raúl Castro assumed supreme command of Cuba on July 31, 2006, Cuba Archive has documented 264 deaths and disappearances attributed to the Cuban state. This number excludes even the documented victims of exit attempts , thought to be in the hundreds, and is, sadly, well below the actual number of victims, reported and presumed. Many individuals are known to be dying in prison –especially many young men—yet there are almost no reports from prison, as access is routinely denied to international monitoring agencies such as the Red Cross, and no systematic efforts are in place in Cuba to attempt collecting this information independently. Here is the breakdown, excluding deaths in exit attempts:
Forced Disappearances: 2
Extrajudicial / Deliberate Killings: 34
Hunger Strike in Prison: 6
Denial of Medical Care / Medical Condition in Prison: 100
Suicide or Alleged Suicide in Prison or Induced: 52
Accidents / Negligence in Prison: 4
Other Causes: 24

See case details at www.CubaArchive.org/database/

We need your support to continue this work
Please make a donation, visit our How to Help page, and help
disseminate this work by sharing it with your contacts.
Cuba Archive’s Truth and Memory Project documents the loss of life resulting from the Cuban
revolution and studies transitional issues of truth, memory and justice.

January 28, 2017 - 9PM

Tucker Carlson 1/27/2017 - Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Kevin Appleby Migrati...

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Friday, January 27, 2017

God Bless Trump, America and Israel...

Trump: “We cannot, and should not, admit…those who would place violent religious edicts over American law”

Shoot them and problem solved, and deport the rest of them...

Sweden: Two Afghan Muslim migrants revealed as those who streamed 3-hour rape on Facebook

Deport all of them, they practice to a 'T' what's in their hellish book...

Trump: US shouldn’t admit those who practice “‘honor’ killings, other forms of violence against women”

Yes, totally obsolete...

Make “The Establishment” Obsolete


Trump to terminate funding to UN agencies that give full membership to Palestinian Authority

Turn the mosque into a restaurant, with pig meat as it's main menu...

Germany: Berlin truck jihad mass murderer’s mosque to be shut down

Total annihilation of this cult is what we demand now...

Germany: Muslim migrant killed “infidel” landlady, scrawled Qur’an verses on wall

Ignorant to the core...

AFDI Women’s March Video Reveals Leftists’ Ignorance and Indifference Regarding Sharia Oppression of Women

Hey satanic worshiper, you can go with your writings and false prophet to hell... We've had enough of your racist 'B' 'S', when your horde is annihilating non muslims around the world, now is time for us to annihilate you...

Muslim writer claims Trump’s immigration policies are “racism and Islamophobia at its most basic level”

Médico cubano en el extranjero pide que no desalojen a su familia en Cuba

Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/26/17 | Fox News | January 26, 2017

Hannity. President Trump in the White House Interview -- January 26

The Sean Hannity January 26,2017 Podcast - Interview with Rep. Roger Wil...

The Savage Nation- Michael Savage- January 26th, 2017 (Full Show)

The Savage Nation- Michael Savage- January 26th, 2017 (Full Show)

Alex Jones (FULL SHOW Commercial Free) Thursday 1/26/17: Harry Dent, Jon...

Rush Limbaugh Show January 26,2017 Podcast

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Deport his fat 'A's...

Imam at Trump’s prayer service recited Qur’anic condemnation of Jews and Christians

Deport her 'A's...

NJ teacher who performed sex acts on students blames her strict Muslim upbringing

And we are all enraged here on your ban on non muslims...

NIAC, a lobbying group for Iran’s Islamic regime, enraged over Trump’s visa ban

New book tries, fails to show that ISIS’ Islam has no basis in Qur’an and Sunnah

New book tries, fails to show that ISIS’ Islam has no basis in Qur’an and Sunnah

Annihilating this satanic sect should be our main goal worldwide...

“The wrong kind of Muslim leaders have been gaining inroads into government circles”

Against your satanic cult? Yes, we all will become radical in the west...

Hamas top dog says Trump will “entice Israelis to become more radical”

Bomb all of them, and I mean all of them, Old Testament style...

Child jihadi arrested in Austria just latest example of jihad groups’ child abuse

Like your satanic prophet did and you're doing with women and christians today? Get this filth out of here, enough with their lies, let them lie in the Middle East, and send Obama over there with them, together with his husband...

Hamas-linked CAIR: Refusing refugees is equivalent to slavery

Ban and deport all of them, including their cats and dogs...

Video: Robert Spencer on Hamas-Linked CAIR and Fake Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes

“We cannot, and should not, admit…those who would place violent religious edicts over American law”

“We cannot, and should not, admit…those who would place violent religious edicts over American law”


Mail from CubaArchive.org
View this email in your browser

Ver versión en español abajo.

Of the cases of death or disappearance in Cuba Archive´s database for the month of January, four events stand out that illustrate the persistent disregard for human life of the Cuban regime from its begginings and throughout its 58-year history.

2010: At least 26 patients died from gross negligence at the Psychiatric Hospital of Havana.
On January 11th and 12th 2010, at least 26 patients died of hypothermia at Havana’s Psychiatric Hospital, known as “Mazorra” during a cold spell (of temperatures as low as 38.6° F). The hospital had missing windows while the patients --around 2,500-- were severely malnourished and had no blankets. The government confirmed 26 deaths, but many patients were hospitalized in critical condition and it is not known if any died; a security operative was mounted and workers were instructed to stay silent. Several of the hospital's workers were tried a year later and convicted to 6 to 14 years of prison. They had been stealing the food and supplies to sell them in the black market while no oversight seems to have been in place at the state facility. Pictures of the victims were taken covertly at the morgue and reveal the state of extreme malnourishment of the victims and the disgraceful handling of the bodies. (See photos at http://nuevoaccion.blogspot.pt/p/muertos-de-mazorra-presentan-golpes-y.html ).

1985: Cubana de Aviación “accident” 
All passengers and crew of a Cubana de Aviación flight were killed January 19, 1985 when it went down after takeoff. The exact toll is uncertain ¾38 to 41; among the victims were two U.S. citizens, ten Nicaraguans, one Guatemalan, one Costa Rican, and one Mexican. Cuba officially reported that fire in one of the engines had caused the accident, however, several former members of the Cuban military and intelligence services have reported otherwise. The Cuban government had improperly loaded the plane with boxes containing tons of armament for the Nicaraguan Sandinistas (a practice banned from civil aviation); upon the plane turning, the load had shifted and cut communication between the cockpit with the tail, provoking the accident. Fidel Castro ordered Special Troops (under General Alejandro Ronda) to cordon off the area and clean the debris and human remains (charred pieces due to the explosion) to erase trace of the cause.

1975: New York city restaurant bombing On Friday, January 24, 1975, a bomb exploded at Fraunces Tavern, a historic restaurant in the Wall Street district of Manhattan where George Washington had said farewell to his officers in 1783. The Cuba-sponsored Puerto Rican nationalist terrorist group FALN (Frente Armado de Liberación Nacional) took credit for the bombing. Four bankers and executives enjoying lunch with clients were killed: Frank Connor, age 33, who left a wife and two sons, ages 11 and 9, Harold Sherburn, 66, James Gezork, 32, and Alejandro Berger, 28.  FALN was responsible from 1974-83 for 72 bombings and 40 incendiary attacks in several U.S. cities that resulted in 5 deaths, 83 injuries, and over $3 million in property damage. Financial proceeds of their criminal activities were sent to Cuba, including of a $7 million armored car robbery in Hartford, Connecticut. Nobody was convicted of the bombing, but William Morales, a FALN explosives expert who was sentenced to 89 years of prison in 1978, escaped to Cuba, where he reportedly still resides.

1959: The San Juan Hill massacre
Eleven days after the triumph of the Revolution, Raúl Castro ordered the execution without trial of 71 men, members of the armed forces, police, and Batista supporters. Most were career officers accused of imputed offenses for which no proof was provided. The night of January 11th and into the next morning, January 12th 1959, they were lined up in pairs in front of ditches and shot by firing squad. The mass graves were then filled by bulldozer. (See testimony of Father Bez Chabebe at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS60-myaU3g&t=186s )
We need your support to continue this work
Please make a donation, visit our How to Help page, and help
disseminate this work by sharing it with your contacts.
Cuba Archive’s Truth and Memory Project documents the loss of life resulting from the Cuban
revolution and studies transitional issues of truth, memory and justice.
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Entre los casos de muertes o desapariciones ocurridas en el mes de enero que figuran en la base de datos de Archivo Cuba destacan cuatro acontecimientos que ponen de manifiesto el desprecio por la vida humana por parte del régimen cubano desde sus inicios y por los 58 años de su existencia.
2010: Al menos 26 pacientes murieron en el Hospital Psiquiátrico de La Habana.
Los días 11 y 12 de enero de 2010, al menos 26 pacientes fallecieron de hipotermia en el Hospital Psiquiátrico de La Habana, conocido como “Mazorra”, durante una ola de frío (la temperatura bajó a 38.6º F). Al edificio le faltaban algunas ventanas y los pacientes –unos 2.500– sufrían de grave desnutrición y carecían de mantas. Muchos internos fueron hospitalizados en estado crítico, pero no se sabe si alguno más murió, porque las fuerzas de la Seguridad del Estado desplegaron un operativo y exigieron a los empleados que guardasen silencio. Varios trabajadores del hospital fueron juzgados en enero de 2011 y sentenciados a penas de prisión de entre 6 y 14 años. Los condenados solían robar los alimentos y otros suministros para venderlos en el mercado negro; asímismo está claro que no había debida supervisión de la institución del estado.  Las fotos de las víctimas, tomadas subrepticiamente en la morgue, muestran el grado de desnutrición extrema que padecían y la forma indigna en que fueron manipulados los cadáveres. (Las fotos están disponibles en el enlace http://nuevoaccion.blogspot.pt/p/muertos-de-mazorra-presentan-golpes-y.html ).

1985: Un “accidente” de Cubana de Aviación
Todos los pasajeros y tripulantes de un vuelo de Cubana de Aviación fallecieron el 19 de enero de 1985 cuando el avión en el que viajaban se estrelló poco después de despegar. Se desconoce el número exacto de víctimas, pero se calcula que fueron entre 38 y 41, entre las que había dos ciudadanos estadounidenses, diez nicaragüenses, un guatemalteco, un costarricense y un mexicano. Según un comunicado oficial de las autoridades cubanas, la causa del accidente había sido el incendio de uno de los motores del aparato, pero varios ex miembros del ejército y los servicios de inteligencia cubanos han proporcionado otras versiones. Según estas fuentes, el gobierno cubano había cargado indebidamente en el avión varias cajas que contenían toneladas de armamento para los sandinistas nicaragüenses (una práctica prohibida por las normas de la aviación civil); en el primer giro del aparato, la carga se desplazó e interrumpió la conexión eléctrica entre la cabina y la cola, lo que provocó el accidente. Fidel Castro ordenó a las Tropas Especiales que acordonaran la zona y recogieran los trozos de chatarra y los restos humanos (calcinados a causa de la explosión) con el fin de borrar las causas del suceso.    

1975: Atentado con explosivos en un restaurante de la ciudad de Nueva York 
El viernes 24 de enero de 1975 una bomba hizo explosión en el Fraunces Tavern, un restaurante histórico del distrito de Wall Street en Manhattan, donde en 1783 George Washington se despidió de los oficiales de su ejército. Un grupo terrorista auspiciado por Cuba, el Frente Armado de Liberación Nacional (FALN) de Puerto Rico, reivindicó el atentado.  Cuatro banqueros y ejecutivos que almorzaban con sus clientes resultaron muertos: Frank Connor, de 33 años, Harold Sherburn, de 66, James Gezork, de 32, y Alejandro Berger, de 28. Entre 1974 y 1983 el FALN fue responsable de 72 atentados con explosivos y 40 incendios deliberados en varias ciudades de Estados Unidos, con un balance de 5 muertos, 83 heridos y daños materiales por un valor superior a los 3 millones de dólares. Los beneficios derivados de sus actividades criminales fueron remitidos a Cuba, entre otros, 7 millones de dólares que obtuvieron del robo de un camión blindado en Hartford, Connecticut. Nadie resultó arrestado ni condenado por el atentado de Nueva York, pero William Morales, experto en explosivos del FALN que fue sentenciado a 89 años de cárcel en 1978, huyó a Cuba, donde, según fuentes fidedignas, todavía se encuentra.  

1959: La masacre de la Loma de San Juan
Once días después del triunfo de la revolución, Raúl Castro ordenó la ejecución, sin juicio previo, de 71 personas, miembros de las fuerzas armadas y la policía de Batista y partidarios de su gobierno. La mayoría de las víctimas fueron oficiales de carrera acusados de presuntos delitos de los que no se presentó prueba alguna. En la noche del 11 de enero de 1959 y hasta la madrugada del día 12, los reos fueron alineados en parejas junto a una zanja y fusilados por un pelotón de soldados. La fosa común se rellenó luego usando una motoniveladora. (Vea el testimonio del sacerdote Jorge Bez Chabebe, disponible en Internet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS60-myaU3g&t=186s )
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Archivo Cuba Proyecto de Verdad y Memoria documenta la pérdida en vidas causada por la revolución cubana y estudia la justicia transicional  —memoria-verdad-justicia.

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