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Cuban Dissident Leader Remains Missing Days After Arrest

Cuban dissident leader Hugo Damian Prieto has not been seen or heard from since his arrest last Sunday.

As we'd warned over the weekend, the Castro regime began a manhunt against the members of Cuba's Civic Action Front (FAC-Orlano Zapata Tamayo), who staged a surprise protest at the Chief Prosecutor's office.

Damian Prieto was one of the leaders of that protest.

The protest called for the release of Zaqueo Báez Guerrero and Ismael Bonet Rene and María Josefa Acón Sardiñas, who were arrested over a month ago during Pope Francis' visit to Cuba.

Those three remain imprisoned -- incommunicado -- at the Ministry of the Interior's infamous torture facility, known as 100 y Aldabo in Havana.

Meanwhile, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas was in Havana discussing "security cooperation" with their  jailer, the Minister of the Interior, Gen. Carlos Fernandez Gondin.

Absolutely shameful.

An Asinine Meeting: Obama Official Discusses "Security" With Head of Cuba's Repressive Organs

Last week, the Obama Administration gleefully announced an agreement with the Castro dictatorship to protect the island's shark population.

This, of course, while the number of Cubans fleeing the island has skyrocketed since the Obama-Castro deal. And God-knows the countless number of innocent Cubans who have lost their lives on the Florida Straits trying to flee Castro's dictatorship over the years. Some estimate nearly 100,000.

Yet, the Obama Administration is focused on protecting the sharks.

It's truly unbelievable.

And just when you think it can't get any more tasteless and insulting, the Obama Administration strikes again.

Yesterday, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, visited Havana and met with none other than Castro's "new" Minister of the Interior (MININT), General Carlos Fernandez Gondin.

General Gondin is in charge of the repressive apparatus that harasses, tortures, imprisons and kills innocents Cubans. There's no sugar-coating here -- these MININT forces, which include the feared "Avispas Negras" ("Black Hornets") special forces (pictured below), are absolutely brutal.

In recent years, General Gondin has also been Castro's point-man in coordinating Venezuela's repressive organs, which has resulted in thousands of arrests and the death of dozens of protesters, including young students.

General Gondin is popularly referred to in Cuba as "The Fairy Godmother" for "he loves to make numbers out of names and turn people into a national security issue."

Isn't that charming?

And yet, Undersecretary Mayorkas, was discussing "bilateral cooperation" and the "need for greater security" with this ruthless General.

Protecting Cuba's sharks and partnering with its repressive organs -- is that how Obama seeks to empower the Cuban people?

We'd also note this stands contrary to U.S. law.

One of the conditions for the lifting of the embargo in the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act ("Libertad Act") is precisely for the Cuban regime to "dissolve the present Department of State Security in the Cuban Ministry of the Interior, including the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution and the Rapid Response Brigades."

Yet, the Obama Administrations seeks to "cooperate" with it.

Just think of the dangerous message being sent.

From AFP:

Cuba, US Agree on Need to Cooperate on Security

The United States and Cuba have agreed on the need to cooperate on security issues surrounding trade and travel between the two former Cold War foes, the communist party newspaper Granma said Thursday.

US Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas held talks Wednesday with Cuba’s recently named Interior Minister Major General Carlos Fernandez Gondin, the latest in a series contacts since the two countries restored diplomatic relations in July.

“During the meeting there was agreement on the need to give substance to bilateral cooperation with the goal of providing greater security to the citizens of both countries and other nations,” Granmasaid.

To March or Not to March… that is the Question / 14ymedio, Miriam Celaya

March of the Ladies in White through Havana. (EFE)
March of the Ladies in White through Havana. (EFE)
14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Miriam Celaya, Havana, 28 October 2015 — The latest cyber-skirmish unleashed around statements made by Eliécer Ávila, leader of the opposition movement Somos+, about the #Todosmarchamos initiative, once again focuses first, on the need for restraint in political discourse and the importance of not allowing ourselves to be swayed by the provocations of those who pursue only ratings and drama from the comfortable security of their distant geographical locations, and secondly, on the inability to weigh things at fair value, whether by the so-called opposition leaders — regardless of their strategies, their ideological orientation or their political proposals, if they happen to have them — or by public opinion.
In this case, there are numerous myths contained in a sort of Theogony of the opposition, a mirage created and sustained from abroad in an absurd desire to hold on to an opposition epic — which should eventually replace the current revolutionary epic — which, like the latter, creates pockets of prestige and heroism, and even castes and lineages, depending on whether the new heroes are willing to bleed or get slapped on the head. It is a well-known fact that we Cubans are experts at repeating our mistakes, especially those that guarantee future suffering and shredding of vestments.
We Cubans are experts at repeating our mistakes, especially those that guarantee future suffering and shredding of vestments
If there is anything I agree 100% on with Eliécer, it’s the need for the independent press in Cuba to cease to be complacent with the opposition – sadly mimicking the stance of the official press towards the Castro regime — and assume from this day (during the dictatorship) the usual journalistic roles and functions in democratic societies. This includes questioning absolutely everything and everyone, desecrating any public figure whose effect should ultimately be to serve, not to rule. In this regard, here are some observations I propose that might seem unbearable to some extreme radicals. I suggest that the passionate stop reading at this point so they can avoid the usual patriotic tantrums.
I shall not vent my sympathies or personal differences on the opposition — not on a nonexistent “opposition movement” — an environment that I know by heart, since it’s been almost fifteen years since I delved into it. What I know or believe about anyone is completely irrelevant.
I have found many of the most honorable, honest, generous and dedicated people I’ve ever met in my life within the opposition, and also many of the worst and most harmful: ambitious, hypocritical, opportunistic, false patriots and, as Eliezer stated, some corrupt little characters who have made the “struggle for democracy” a way of life. Over the years I have come to understand that that reality is not unique to the Cuban stage or that it is bound by the geography of the Island. There are good and bad Cubans both in Cuba and in the Diaspora, there are those who live for Cuba and those who live from it. Note that I am merely reviewing the facts as a necessary and true evil. It is what it is, period.
There are good and bad Cubans both in Cuba and in the Diaspora, there are those who live for Cuba and those who live from it
Some people prefer to ignore that the Cuban dissidence is as varied in its composition from the point of view of human quality as any other social group. In fact, all the vices inherited from a corrupt and sick system are present in our sector, including atavistic evils, such as an autocratic government, authoritarianism and despotism. There is even what we might call an opposition gerontocracy, firmly clinging to old precepts and unchanging bad habits, incapable of evolving in the light of new scenarios.
When I travel abroad, I’m always surprised to hear someone, perhaps with the best of intentions, refer to dissidents in general, including independent journalists, as “heroes.” And what’s worse, there are characters who “modestly” accept the epithet, as if it were their true right. I will never support a leader who perceives himself as worthy of moral supremacy over the everyone else. In addition, such a prefabricated pantheon of heroes will only serve to cement many present and future ills.
Nevertheless, in those circumstances, and with those actors, we must continue to open the way for Cuban democracy. We optimists believe in the best of scenarios and, with the passing of time, many individuals and proposals will surface which will expand and diversify the options in the political and social milieu, thus covering all interests and including all the trends and options for citizen participation And we will need to learn to live with our differences.
Another one of the most notorious Cuban imaginary myths of all time is based on measuring the value of people by their willingness to “shed blood,” to be beaten in the streets or locked in dungeons. To march or not to march seems to want to establish itself as the moral question for future politicians. It doesn’t matter whether the event is repeated again and again with the same result, and the dictatorial power continues to not move one inch, or that one of those “common” citizens, the ones who are trying to get free from the Castro yoke, has joined in the martyrdom. It is known that no “leader” has attracted followers by becoming the scapegoat of a dictatorship known to be repressive and capable of the worst abuses.
To march or not to march seems to want to establish itself as the moral question for future politicians
It seems to be that what’s truly important is that the more marches and more beatings one gets, the more “courageous” one becomes, and that will get you a place of privilege in the select club of the anti-Castro titans.
But given that no Cuban “peoples” are willing to suffer the already traditional Sunday assaults, the organizers of this Antillean Via Crucis have not only summoned the other dissidents –including those who have been labeled a “naive” and even “traitors” for having acted in accordance with the US administration policy of détente — but they question the reluctance of those who do not abide by the summons.
And they see in this negativism, not the right of others to choose their own methods of resistance or their own path to work for the Cuba we want, but an alleged intention to divide the opposition or “to play into the hands” of the dictatorship. It would seem that if the Castro regime has not failed it is because some of us, whether absurdly or cowardly, have refused to march after attending church. Not believing in God, in the sponsors of the initiative or in their results, is secondary: a herd must follow the alpha male, who — in the purest Castro sense — will assume that those who do not follow him blindly are cowards and are against him.
Thus, Eliécer Ávila’s greatest sin was excessive transparency in a world of masquerades, forgetting that to ignore provocations is the wisest and most expeditious strategy that anyone aspiring for political leadership could employ. The sponsor of Somos+ wasted a great opportunity to keep his subtle silence.
There is no need to conquer freedom. Being free will suffice, though it needs to be done intelligently.
I, for one, while enjoying the privilege that my status as an opinion journalist grants me and my complete lack of commitment to leaders or parties of any political color, take the opportunity to join the commentary of a wise reader: there is no need to “fight” for democracy, practicing it should be enough; there is no need to conquer freedom, being free will suffice, though it needs to be done intelligently. It is impractical to continue implementing strategies that lead to the same result again and again… except when what we seek is that seal of pedigree that has been repeated so many times throughout our history.
In Cuba’s immediate future we will not hear that worn-out phrase that marked our lives and legitimized the rights of the privileged few over the rest of Cubans: “Did you by any chance fire shots in the Sierra Maestra?” It will be replaced with “Did you by any chance march on Sundays down La Quinta Avenida?” God forbid!
Translated by Norma Whiting

Reimbursement is Important / Fernando Damaso

Fernando Dámaso, 23 October 2015 — In Cuba, unlike other countries, public services are totally centralized by the State through its different companies: electricity, gas, telephone, water and sewer, municipal and other.
Being part of the same thing, these entities are considered untouchable, and they do things and undo them at their own whim, without considering the effect on citizens and businesses, State as well as private. Thus, they connect and disconnect the electricity according to their interests. The same thing happens with the gas service, telephones and drinking water. Read Less
Furthermore, in order to do maintenance and make repairs, they break up the streets and sidewalks; they interrupt transit and create multiple nuisances. Repairing what’s destroyed takes a long time to execute, and, in general, it’s bad quality. All of this causes economic loss to all types of businesses, for which no one answers.
It would be good if these consequences, when they aren’t caused by natural phenomena, were reimbursed economically by the companies causing them, by handing over a sum for the harm inflicted on a factory or a business: the value of what they lost when they had to stop producing or selling.
In addition to being just, this would oblige these companies to be more efficient in their work. Presumably, where they presently take 10 or 12 hours to repair a breakdown, with a brigade in which few work and many talk or lounge about, if they had to make reimbursements, they would see themselves obligated to do the work in less time and with only the minimum, necessary personnel. Furthermore, the result of the work would be better quality, since doing it poorly would affect the companies economically.
It’s something to think about; although, personally, I think that many of these services could be leased out, with less cost, better quality, less time and more efficiency, by private companies that contract for them, a general practice with magnificent results in many countries.
Translated by Regina Anavy

North Koreans and Cubans work overseas in Slave-like conditions for their respective regimes

General Raul Castro embraces North Korean ally General Kyok Sik Kim

A Tale of Two Communist Regimes and Media Coverage
Many in the media, the Obama Administration, and some members of Congress are trying to sell the idea that the regime in Cuba is normal, but the facts in evidence demonstrate otherwise. If there is one country that Cuba shares a number of traits in common with, it is North Korea. That the Castro regime was caught in 2013 smuggling 240 metric tons of weapons to North Korea in violation of international sanctions should not be a surprise considering the outlaw nature of both regimes.
 However, the media coverage on Cuba and North Korea could not be farther apart. For example, Time Magazine on October 29, 2015 reported that "North Korea has sent tens of thousands of its people to countries around the world to work in conditions that amount to modern slavery, according to a U.N. researcher who monitors human rights in the totalitarian state." The number in its headline was that 50,000 North Koreans work overseas in "slave-like conditions." Both Cuba and North Korea make outrageous health care claims but again media reaction is dramatically different.
 Meanwhile, the Castro regime in Cuba does the same thing and the media reporting is quite different. According to sources friendly to the Castro regime place the number of Cuban doctors sent by the regime on an "international mission"at 31,000. Other Cubans, also working in "slave-like conditions" have been sent abroad to work and provide hard currency for the Castro regime. Cuban doctors in Cuba make approximately $25 dollars a month in salary. In 2008 The Miami Herald reported that "more than 31,000 Cuban health workers -- most of them doctors -- who toil in 71 countries brought in $2.3 billion last year, ..., more than any other industry, including tourism. Most of them are paid $150 to $375 a month, a small percentage of the cash or trade benefits the Cuban government pockets in exchange for their work." North Koreans working abroad are making between $120 and $150.
Juan Alfonso, a Cuban doctor, now living and practicing medicine in Chile, was interviewed by the PanamPost on October 15, 2015 and explained why he had to flee his homeland, "I will tell you something: I would have liked to stay in Cuba. I left because I could barely afford to buy a single egg to eat a day." The New York Times is trying to spin that Cuban doctors are fleeing to the United States because of the Cuban Adjustment Act and a special immigration program. Perhaps they should talk to this Cuban doctor who can offer an alternative explanation:

 "I was told that during a meeting of the [Communist] Youth, an Olympic athlete stood up and said he thought doctors should work extra shifts for free. The whole world applauded, and the motion passed unanimously. There is no union to defend doctors in Cuba. Many of us would wake up around midnight from hunger pains, and no one ever gave us anything; maybe a slice of bread, at the most."
In 2006 the case of Cuban workers forced to work 112 hours a week for 3 cents an hour in Curaçaomade the news. The workers had been unpaid; instead their compensation was deducted from Cuba’s debt to the Curaçao Drydock Company. Three workers sued the company accusing  "Curaçao Drydock Company of subjecting them to forced labour in a lawsuit in US federal court under the Alien Tort Claims Act and other laws.  They alleged that the company conspired with the Cuban Government to traffic them and other workers to Curaçao to work for Curaçao Drydock Company as part of a forced labour programme."
According to the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre: 
The case went to trial only on the issue of damages.  On 31 October 2008 the court awarded a total of $80 million in damages to the plaintiffs, saying there was “overwhelming and uncontroverted evidence” of the plaintiffs’ claims.  The judgment stated that this amount reflected the severe physical and psychological injuries of the plaintiffs, the defendant’s gross misconduct, the universality of the offense, the gains made by the company from the conduct and the potential deterrent effect it could have on other companies. In July 2013, the plaintiffs sought to enforce the US judgement against the defendant's assets in Singapore. The court of first instance declared the US court decision enforceable in Singapore, and this was confirmed by the High Court of Singapore in June 2015.
 Meanwhile the Obama Administration in a controversial maneuver watered down the State Department's trafficking report on Cuba in order to put the Castro regime in a better light in its continuing human trafficking practices. Cubans inside and outside of the island are afraid to speak out. Inside of Cuba that can imprison you for enemy propaganda from 1 to 5 years and if you speak to a foreigner under Law 88 (also known as the Gag Law) for 20 years in prison. Outside of Cuba, Juan Alfonso explained in the interview with PanamPost that:
 "People who disobey the government, and speak to the press about the country, are not allowed to return. The regime owns your passport. They can prevent you from reuniting with your family in a new country."
 The regime in Cuba remains totalitarian and systematically terrorizes and violates the rights of all Cubans, all the time. This is an abnormal regime and normalizing relations with it will not lead anywhere good. Nor will closing the door to fleeing refugees.


Muslim model hanged herself fearing she would be forced into an arranged marriage by her parents – who she discovered were actually her aunt and uncle

ByPAMELA GELLER on October 30, 2015

What a spectacular culture! And the UK authorities say, more multiculturalism! Faster! Harder!
Muslim model hanged herself fearing she would be forced into an arranged marriage by her parents – who she discovered were actually her aunt and uncle
Nadia Menaz, 24, learned her parents were actually her aunt and uncle
Model married husband Umar Rassol in 2011 but they did not approve
Took out forced marriage protection order at family court last December
But she was found hanged in her bedroom at home in Oldham in May
By Mark Duell for MailOnline, October 28, 2015
nadia menaz
A Muslim model who hanged herself feared she would be forced into an arranged marriage by her parents – whom she later learned were actually her aunt and uncle, an inquest was told.
Nadia Menaz, 24, of Oldham, Greater Manchester, feared Sabir Hussain and Ruksana Kousar would make her marry a man three years after wedding her husband Umar Rassol.
She took out a forced marriage protection order at a family court in Manchester last December which shielded her against Mr Hussain, 60, Miss Kousar, 55, and her immediate family.
But in May Miss Menaz was found hanged in her bedroom at home – and today, a coroner recorded a verdict of ‘taking her own life while suffering from a depressive illness’.
Yes Islam.
- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2015/10/muslim-model-hanged-herself-fearing.html/#sthash.bsoA67dG.dpuf

Norway: Muslim cleric jailed for praising the jihad murder of Muhammad cartoonists

Norway: Muslim cleric jailed for praising the jihad murder of Muhammad cartoonists

“Throughout the trial, Ahmad denied any wrongdoing, arguing his statements were an interpretation of Sharia law.” Indeed: Sharia mandates death for blasphemy. But that a Norwegian court should excuse his calling for enforcement of Sharia laws outside Sharia states is another matter.
Mullah Krekar
“Iraqi-Born Cleric Jailed in Norway for Praising Paris Attack,” Associated Press, October 30, 2015:
COPENHAGEN, Denmark — A Norwegian court has sentenced an Iraqi-born cleric to 18 months in jail for praising the slaying of cartoonists at the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which had lampooned Islam and other religions.
The Oslo city court also found Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad, known as Mullah Krekar, guilty of urging others to kill a Kurdish immigrant in Norway in the same interview with Norwegian broadcaster NRK.
“Whoever offends our religion and our honor must understand that this is a conflict about life and death,” Ahmad told NRK, adding a cartoonist is “a fighting heathen whom it is permissible to kill.” The interview was broadcast Feb. 26 — the day after he was arrested.
On Jan. 7, two Islamic extremists attacked the paper in Paris, leaving 12 people dead. A second attack two days later on a Kosher grocery store in the French capital killed five others. All three gunmen died in clashes with police.
Ahmad also was ordered to pay 75,000 kroner ($8,750) in compensation to Halmat Goran, the Kurdish immigrant .
Throughout the trial, Ahmad denied any wrongdoing, arguing his statements were an interpretation of Sharia law.
Earlier this year, Ahmad was freed after nearly three years’ imprisonment for making death threats. The 59-year-old Kurd, who came to Norway as a refugee in 1991, was convicted in 2005 for a similar offense….
Norway and the United States have accused Ahmad of financing a defunct Iraqi Sunni insurgent group called Ansar al-Islam. It reportedly merged with the Islamic State group last year.

Australia: Ads saying one should be able to flush Qur’an down toilet without violent reprisal banned as discriminatory

The ads mocking Christianity were banned as well, but it is extremely unlikely that APN Outdoor was concerned about discriminating against and vilifying Christians. Clearly, what they were concerned about violent reprisals from Muslims enraged at the prospect of flushing the Qur’an. The organizers are quite correct when they say, “To reject these posters is to censor free speech – pure and simple.” It is not allowed in the West, except on the Internet and in certain courageous fora, to speak critically about Islamic supremacism and jihad terror today. 
This is the battle that Pamela Geller and I have been fighting for years; now the same thing is being done to Sam Harris: the false branding of his ads, the mischaracterization of his work, the charges of “bigotry,” “Islamophobia,” etc. He has the advantage of having been known and loved on the Left before it began, so he has a following and a reservoir of good will — or else he would be notorious today as a “right-wing extremist,” just like those he shuns.
“Controversial ads for atheist author who was in famous TV row with Ben Affleck over Islam are BANNED for ‘discrimination’ – because they said it should be OK to flush the Koran down the toilet,” by Daniel Piotrowski, Daily Mail Australia, October 29, 2015 (thanks to Marc):
A series of billboards mocking communion biscuits and arguing it should be fine to flush to Koran down the toilet without fear of violence have been banned because they ‘discriminate or vilify’.
Prominent atheist thinker Sam Harris, who famously argued with Ben Affleck about Islam on American television earlier this year, will visit Australia on a speaking tour next year. 
But organisers are furious APN Outdoor won’t them run the advertisements which feature quotes from Mr Harris. They argue: ‘To reject these posters is to censor free speech – pure and simple’.
One advertisement said people should be able to flush all books including the Islamic holy text down the toilet without fear of violent reprisals.
Another jokes Jesus Christ who was ‘born of a virgin, cheated death, and rose bodily into the heavens – can now be eaten in the form of a cracker’.
‘As an atheist, I am angry that we live in a society in which the plain truth cannot be spoken without offending 90% of the population,’ a third said. 
Desh Amila, from organisers Think Inc, said their repeated arguments with APN to allow the posters fell on deaf ears. 
The company referred Think Inc. to a section of the Australian Association of National Advertisers code of ethics. 
The paragraph says advertisements must not ‘discriminate against or vilify’ based on race, ethnicity or religion.
When the ads were refused, Mr Amila said: ‘This is specifically saying about vilification about a person or a group of people – we’re not vilifying anyone.’ 
‘We are spruiking intellectual discussion about a very important subject matter.’ 
He said religion is a ‘reason for many of the conflicts in the world… If you think these quotes are offensive, just open the Old Testament..’ 
‘There are many things one can be offended that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t speak about it.’
Mr Harris, who will visit in January has been described as a fierce critic of organised religions, with titles of his books including The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation. 
He tweeted: ‘It seems that the billboards proposed by my sponsor in Australia have been rejected on the grounds that they offend religious sensibilities. Interesting…’
Janine Wood, a spokeswoman for APN Outdoor, told Daily Mail Australia they would not run the advertisements because they breached the OMA code of ethics…

BOOM: Rush Limbaugh Goes Nuclear on Trump, Carson Critics… “I Don’t Give a Damn!”

BOOM: Rush Limbaugh Goes Nuclear on Trump, Carson Critics… “I Don’t Give a Damn!”

OCTOBER 30, 2015 6:37 PM 
(Rush Limbaugh) – BEGIN TRANSCRIPT
RUSH: This is Leanna in Cincinnati.  Great to have you.  You’re up first.  Welcome.
CALLER:  Thank you.  Hi, Rush.
RUSH:  Hi.
CALLER:  I absolutely loved last night.  I loved the fact that somebody finally took it to them.  It was kind of like the Wellstone memorial.  It was so over the top that they were really the cartoons.  And I just hope that we keep it up, because it can’t just happen and have no response.
RUSH:  Well, now that’s an interesting comparison, the Wellstone memorial.  If I get your analogy, the Wellstone memorial was the left-wing just over the top and just offending everybody and –
CALLER:  Yeah.
RUSH:  — driving everybody away, at what was supposed to be a funeral-like service.
CALLER:  Exactly.
RUSH:  It was a memorial service for somebody that everybody supposedly loved, and they turned it into a giant partisan event.  You know, one thing about this last night that is of interesting is will there be any lasting effect to it?  In other words, how long will people remember it?
CALLER:  Well, I don’t know. And it also, it really, for me, crystallized my want to support Ted Cruz, because he really took it to them, and it was very enjoyable to watch.
RUSH:  Speaking of that, I just… Thanks very much, Leanna, for the call.  I appreciate it.  I just received CNBC’s website.  “Are You Smarter Than a GOP Candidate? – Grade-level assessment of candidates’ spoken words in the first three Republican debates. …  Donald Trump is at the youngest end of the spectrum — averaging a fifth-grade level of vocabulary. And maybe that’s why he’s done so well in the polls…” Well, what did I just tell you? These people on that stage, the CNBC moderators — it doesn’t matter, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, you name it — they all have a certain set of beliefs.
“Republicans are stupid. They are Neanderthals. You are mind-numbed robots.  You like Trump because you think he hates Mexicans and you hate Mexicans, and that’s why you love Trump and that’s why Trump’s doing well.”  That’s what they think.  They don’t hear Trump say he’s gonna make this country great again.  They don’t hear Trump say, “We’re gonna start winning. We’re gonna beat ISIS. We’re gonna beat China. We’re gonna beat Mexico in trade deals.  We’re going to return to being a legitimate superpower.”
No, the media doesn’t hear that because they are so obsessed and so convinced that you’re stupid, that you’re dumb, that you’re dense, that you’re racist, that you’re sexist, that you’re bigoted, that you’re homophobic, that anybody gets your support must also be the same.  And that’s the starting point.  All of that, they assume. All of that, they know they’re right about.  So Trump’s support is illegitimate.  It’s made up of mean-spirited, stupid, Deliverance-type bigots.  And that is what they really think.
This is why I don’t have any patience for any of our so-called pseudointellectuals in Washington who want to make friends with these people, who want to be in the club with them, who want to be wherever with them.  We have nothing in common.  They have no desire to see us as similar, equals, with respect or any of that.  Their avowed purpose is to render us irrelevant as a political power.  That means defeat after defeat after defeat, and they don’t care how.  Their minds are never going to change about who we are and about who Trump is.
So here we have, “Are You Smarter Than a GOP Candidate?” from CNBC.  “Grade-level assessment of candidates’ spoken words in the first three Republican debates. …  Donald Trump is at the youngest end of the spectrum — averaging a fifth-grade level of vocabulary. And maybe that’s why he’s done so well in the polls: His simple, straightforward talk has resonated with the electorate. The Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment.
“But the competition isn’t all that great. On the other extreme end we have Ted Cruz. … Ted Cruz sounds like the smartest guy in the Republican room,” and his vocabulary represents that of a ninth grader. (interruption) You can say whatever, I’ve got it right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. (interruption)  Of course it’s straight-up BS.  And the day after the debate.  You expected these people to be humble after this shaming last night?  You expected them to be apologetic?  You expected them to be chagrined? (interruption)
Hell, no, not sheepish! They’re doubling down.  “Are You Smarter Than a GOP Candidate?” So Donald Trump speaks at a fifth grade level. But, you know, the competition isn’t all that great, because Cruz sounds like the smartest there, but he speaks at a ninth grade level.  Ted Cruz has more intellect in his little finger than John Harwood will accumulate in his entire worthless life.  You know, this business about qualifications? Who the hell is Becky Quick?  Who is Carl Quintanilla?  Who is Harwood?
Why are they vaunted authorities over these people seeking the presidency?  Why are they accorded status such that they get to determine whether or not somebody’s qualified?  Because they are “journalists.”  Well, what’s the qualification for a journalist today?  Very simple:  “Democrats good; Republicans bad.”  “Good, you got the job!”  That’s all it takes.  That’s the nub of it.  “Democrats good; Republicans bad,” you get the gig.  Turn it around.  What have these journalists…? Here you have Ben Carson.  There is no finer human being on this earth.
There’s no finer man in terms of character, morality, dignity, love of his fellow man, children. He’s a pediatric surgeon, has performed surgical miracles.  And here we have three insignificant nabobs trying to destroy him last night, on the basis that he can’t do mathematics or that his tax plan doesn’t add up or some such thing.  Sorry, folks.  I have lost my patience for this.  Becky Quick? What is Becky Quick without somebody at CNBC deciding they need somebody looks good on TV and they hire her ’cause she can talk about crony capitalism?
Which is what CNBC does.  You would think a business network would be pro-business.  You have a business network that’s pro-government, and pro-business that is in bed with government.  But businesses that aren’t in bed with government, they’re the bad guys on CNBC.  We are to sit here and receipt how our candidates have no better than ninth grade speaking ability, versus what we saw on CNBC last night and every day on their network — which, by the way, nobody’s watching anymore.
Another curious reason why Reince Priebus chose ‘em to host the debate.  But that’s a whole other story.  I just… I’m insulted by this presumption that all of them are the brainiacs, they’re the smart ones, they’re the qualified ones.  Here’s Donald Trump.  I don’t care what you think of his personality.  Frankly, it’s none of your damn business.  You go do what he’s done and then tell him he’s worthless.  Go do what Ben Carson’s done and then tell him and tell the rest of us that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, or any of the others up there.
Going after Carly Fiorina on this H&P business and giving Hillary Clinton a pass?  Well, I know, it’s the name of the game, but the point is, this has so long ago been obvious.  I mean, why do the War on Women even exist? Do you believe the folly, the War on Women, the whole idea that a political party seeks to win elections by conducting a War on Women.  And the only reason that exists is because a Clinton hack moderated a debate on ABC, taking time off from his job as a host of an early morning show on ABC.  We have a Clinton war room specialist disguised as a journalist on ABC, and he moderated a debate, and he asks Mitt Romney about contraception somewhere, and it becomes a War on Women.
The intellectual folly of the whole concept of a political party having a War on Women, and yet it’s alive and well, and it lives and breathes and it’s out there each and every day, and it exists as a legitimate arsenal in the Democrat Party weapon?  It boggles the mind.  And to me it would be so easy to nuke this stuff with Ted Cruz showing the way for people. This is the way to deal with these people each and every day, on Meet the Press, on Face the Nation, wherever you encounter these people.  Throw it right back at them.
If you’re gonna go on their shows, you have to treat them for what they are.  You are going on shows moderated by Democrat Party campaign activists.  Paul Begala is over there at CNN, James Carville is where anybody will have him.  Now David Axelrod, he’s making the rounds from MSNBC to CNN.  David Plouffe, who ran the Obama campaign.  Meanwhile, the Republican consultants that get hired are all the losers who are running around basically agreeing with all that the Democrat Party consultants say.  They all have the same enemy: conservatives, you and me.  It’s legit, because we are their biggest threat.  We do threaten their power, because we can beat them.
RUSH:  Yeah, yeah, I’ve got the story on Harwood lying about Rubio’s tax plan. He corrected his own lie in his previous column and lied about that, so I’ve got that here.  I don’t want to get bogged down with individual lies.  The whole thing last night was a lie.  Every one of those moderators is a lie.  They are liars and pretending falsely who they are.  The whole thing from the get-go was staged.  There was nothing legitimate about that last night.  Of course Harwood’s a liar.  Of course he misrepresents what Republicans do.  Of course he lies about their tax plan.
And we got CNBC with their big story today: “Are You Smarter Than a GOP candidate?  College level speaking not required at the GOP debates,” is the subhead.  Well, I just happen to have a story here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers.  Who runs the damn schools in this country?  Is it not the Democratic freaking party and the American left who have had monopoly control over it for as long as you and I have been alive?
Detroit Public Schools, 93% are not proficient in reading.  Ninety-six percent not proficient in math.  Harwood probably could teach there. “The Department of Education has published fiscal information on the Detroit Public Schools for the 2011-2012 school year.  That year the Detroit Public Schools had total expenditures of $18,000 per student.  It included $13,000 per student for current expenditures, $3,000 per student for capital outlays, and $1,700 per student for interest on the school system’s debt.”  Ninety-three percent not proficient in reading, Detroit Public Schools.  Sixty-seven percent of eighth graders not proficient in reading nationwide.
Who’s running the school system?  The very people moderating that debate last night with their smug arrogance telling us they’ve got all the answers, they’re the brilliant ones, they’re the smart ones, they have all the policies.  They have destroyed this country.  They’re in the process of governing a country in decline.  They are engaged in implementing policies which will further this decline.  We have people running for the presidency who are trying to save this country, and of course they’re the enemy.  They would be Republicans.  But every one of the cities on this list, the national is 67%.  Detroit is 93%.  Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore city, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, DC, Fresno, Jefferson County, Kentucky, Los Angeles, they’re all over 50% in students that cannot read at an eighth grade level.
And we get a story of how the Republican candidates are so stupid that the smartest one speaks at a ninth grade level.  Well, I guess that means everybody in America can relate to ‘em, thanks to the Democrat Party running the country’s education system.  Look, folks, I apologize.  I normally don’t get this agitated, but this is a little bit of an explosion here after 25 years of reacting to all this stuff in a muted and restrained way. But after this boondoggle last night and what it really was, you know, I’m kind of frustrated.  I’m beyond that point where I’m just content to wait for people to figure it out, meaning what’s going on.  I mean, our country’s hanging in the balance because of this stuff.
The idea that we somehow feel we have to kowtow or impress or whatever these people in the media if we are to win or advance our ideas, is just — I think that was illustrated last night the exact opposite.  And I don’t think by any stretch, if you look at public opinion polls on various industries and businesses and the public opinion of them, journalism is below the public opinion of Congress.  Now, Congress, public opinion’s always in the gutter.  That’s always been the case.  Journalism’s even below that, for a reason.  Even low-information voters don’t think they’re getting the truth.  It’s one of the reasons so many of ‘em have turned to the Kardashians.  At least when they lie about them, it doesn’t matter.
RUSH: On C-SPAN today a caller named Victor in Silver Spring got through to the Washington Journal.
VICTOR:  Finally the candidates are realizing that the mainstream media is not their friend, that the mainstream media is part of the Democrat Party.  And for years, I mean, for years Rush Limbaugh has told us over and over again that the mainstream media is a part of the Democrat Party, and it’s a good thing that the candidates pointed this out last night. So it shows me that some of the candidates are definitely listening to Rush Limbaugh.
RUSH:  And they try to tell us that we’re stupid.  Here’s another brilliant guy on our side getting through to C-SPAN.
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Vets Appalled at ‘Muslim Brotherhood Float’

Vets Appalled at ‘Muslim Brotherhood Float’

OCTOBER 30, 2015 6:46 PM 
City allows CAIR entry in Veterans Day parade
(Tulsa World) – For the first time, Oklahoma Muslims will have a float in the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Tulsa on Nov. 11, and not all parade participants are happy about it.
“It’s something we have been wanting to do for years,” said Adam Soltani, executive director of the Oklahoma Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, based in Oklahoma City.
Soltani said the float is sponsored by CAIR-Oklahoma but will “represent the Oklahoma Muslim community, which is a very diverse community of people from all walks of life, immigrants, indigenous people.”
“We support all veterans, and we support our country, so I don’t see why anyone should have any concerns about CAIR being involved,” he said.
“We are an American Muslim organization, and American Muslims support their government, support their country and definitely support our troops who are working to defend our constitutional rights and our freedoms,” he continued.
Soltani said many U.S. Muslims have served in the armed forces and that two veterans are on the CAIR-Oklahoma board.
Larry Williamson, a member of the Tulsa 912 Project, a conservative organization, said it is “atrocious” to ask veterans to “march alongside people who represent our enemies in a current war.”
“I believe all American entrants who the parade is intended to honor should be made aware as soon as possible that they are being asked to share their honor with the Muslim Brotherhood, sworn enemy of the United States and our ally Israel and an enemy in our current war on the Islamic jihad in which American soldiers are fighting and dying,” he said in a letter to the Tulsa World.
Williamson said he has been told that his Tulsa 912 Project float is scheduled to be in line next to the CAIR float in the parade.
“I’m not a spokesman for Tulsa 912, but I won’t march alongside the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said.
Asked why he uses the term Muslim Brotherhood instead of CAIR, Williamson said the FBI has identified CAIR as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. CAIR has consistently stated that it has no connections with any terrorist groups.
Patsy Varnell, vice president of the Tulsa Veterans Day Parade Association, confirmed that CAIR-Oklahoma’s application to be in the parade has been accepted.
“The parade is nonreligious,” she said.
“We feel that we are exercising the rights established by the Constitution of freedom of speech, and this group has the right to participate. We do not want any problems, but we have to be fair to everybody,” Varnell said.
Ronda Vuillemont-Smith, president and founder of the Tulsa 912 Project, said the group is not asking that CAIR be removed from the parade but that parade organizers “be honest and open and let people know that they are in.”
“My concern is that the parade committee was trying to keep this information out of the public eye,” she said.
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