radio-micWelcome to “The Michael Savage Newsletter,” your daily insider report on all things “Savage.”
In today’s issue: Dr. Savage told his listeners Tuesday that with the election more than a year away, he had more on his mind than Obama, Trump, Clinton and Sanders.
To provide a little relief to the daily onslaught of political news, he posed these questions to his audience: How do you fight depression without medication, is God real, what is romantic love and what is the biggest mistake you’ve made that you wish you could undo?
He started with the topic of depression.
Depression has been with man since the first caveman got bored in the cave, and he had nothing to do, and he started to put chalk drawings on the wall, of, like, a reindeer and a bison. He was bored to death with his wife and children. And in between the hunts, he started to draw on the wall of his cave.
So, how do you fight depression without medication? I have my tricks. I’ve been a lifetime fighter of depression.
I realized only in the last — well, it’s quite a while now — I didn’t admit it to myself, but I’ve been fighting depression most of my life. …
I’m not going to complain or cry about what happened in my childhood. But things happen. And it was pretty bad. Nothing bad compared to, let’s say, what goes on in Syria to a Christian family, where the daughter is taken out and raped by the Muslims or sent around to a whore house to be used by vermin in ISIS while Obama does nothing except talk about fake rape on college campuses.
So, things happen in people’s lives which makes them kind of down or sad, and they have to overcome it.
And I have found a lot of things that work for me … mainly exercise.
I’ll tell you right now, I could trigger a depressive episode in myself with the wrong diet. I could trigger a depressive episode in myself by so many different means. Also, I could fight them by many different means. I’ve written books on nutrition over the years, and I’ve studied under the master’s hands, who know an awful lot about it.
There are nutrients that will reverse depression in minutes, because the nutrients cross the blood-brain barrier as fast as you can imagine.
And a lot of our depression is chemical, as you well know. And the worst thing you can do is feed your depression the wrong chemicals.